6 Things You Should Never Forget When Cleaning a Wooden Fence

 For any kind of installation outside your house, you always need a certain type of protection or maintenance. But any kind of project will need the installation to be cleaned. Often homeowners tend to ignore the basic dictum of wooden fence longevity. If you are not cleaning it in a proper fashion, you are going to face a lot of issues in the long run. Therefore, we have put together this handy 6-point guide to help you navigate the bits and pieces of cleaning your wooden fence.  Read on and achieve success in your next outdoor cleaning project. 

1. Get Yourself A Power Washer

As any contractor for Wood Fencing McKinney TX suggests, a power washer is your best bet when trying to clean your wooden fence. Ideally a simple power washer from the local sanitation hardware store will do the trick. It’s even better if you are renting the machine out from a licensed contractor. They will give you the best deal and you can simply get to work instantly. You can also buy the machine if your area faces frequent dirt and dust storms. 

2. Choose The Right Nozzle Too

Ideally Fence Contractors McKinney TX will get you the standard nozzle for your fence. But your wooden fence design and other factors will also determine what kind of nozzle you should get for your power washer. If you choose a 25 degree nozzle, you are in for a good wash because it will maintain the optimal pressure and not let the machine damage any part of your wooden fence. The end result will help your wooden fence and even gates gleaming. With the right equipment, all dirt and grime will be washed away.  

3. Spread Plastic Sheets Around While Washing

If you aren’t concerned about your surroundings while power washing your wooden fence, a simple but vexing issue will arise. The splashes and the mud from the activity can lead to the soil nearby to become muddy and loose, weakening your wooden fence in the process. So make sure you spread thick plastic sheets around when doing any kind of cleaning to save you the trouble later. The way of application is simple. You do your cleaning and then pick the residue along with the plastic sheet and that’s the end of it. 

4. Lower Water Temperature Is A Must

The ideal water temperature to use for your power washer should be a cold one. Cold water does not raise the grain of the wood, thereby making staining and painting easier. The catch here is that when you use a power washer with industrial setting, you can deploy both cold and hot temperatures. However, when you are cleaning out a residential fence, it is best to stick to cold water to avoid long-term issues with your fence. 

5. Use Chemicals Wisely

Ideally you can let the power washer do the job. But be very careful when using a certain type of chemicals while washing or cleaning your wooden fence by hand. Some chemicals can have a corrosive effect on your hands as well as the fence. So it is best to ask your contractor for advice. Alternatively, you can explore the labels on various cleaning solutions and their handling instructions. Once you get the hang of it, you can simply get your sandpaper, gloves, and scrubber out and get to work instantly.                    

6. Safety Always First

They don’t say that for nothing. Before you decide to take on this DIY project of cleaning your fence, make sure you have your safety equipment in place. This includes safety goggles, gloves, and, of course, suitable outfit to prevent yourself from getting wet. If loudness of the pressure washer is too much, consider wearing ear plugs. A little step for safety and precaution goes a long way to make your cleaning task successful.  

McKinney Fence and Arbor Pro is your only licensed contractor that provides high-class fence cleaning, washing, and staining solutions. If you are ever stuck with a filthy fence, make sure you call upon the experts at the company who will solve your troubles in an instant. Call today and get your money’s worth while saving a lot of time and effort as well. 

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